About Us

Horizon Ridge Clinic is a contracted agency that provides and is responsible for mental health services, targeted case management or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse services. The main objective of Horizon Ridge Clinic is to provide a wide range of quality mental health services to Medicaid recipients, other insurance carriers, cash-paying clients and low-income non-insured county residents. Horizon Ridge Clinic specialize in working with families, individuals and groups with mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorder with treatments tailor-made for the unique issues of the individual. Our comprehensive programs begin during the initial clinical assessment, where our expert staff conducts a thorough evaluation for any potential co-occurring conditions in order to create an accurate diagnosis so that each client gets the right treatment designed for their individual needs.



Our purpose is to assess, develop, improve, mobilize, and evaluate a comprehensive, coordinated, culturally driven, and collaborative system of services for children, adolescents, adults and their families; while developing an environmentally focused wrap-around service approach that addresses the multi-system needs of the individual and their families. The environmental wrap-around service approach is designed to remove barriers that may hinder the growth of personal, systemic, and ecological blockades that lessen the abilities of an individual’s capacity to master their highest level of potential – to be a productive and valued asset to the community where they reside.



  • Promote the highest quality of clinical, supportive and rehabilitative services so that individuals can safely and effectively work towards recovery.
  • Foster the delivery of services that enable the developmentally disabled to achieve their potential for autonomous functioning and self-sufficiency.
  • To provide oversight and methods of accountability to insure that services are responsive to individuals needs and are delivered in accordance with best practice standards.
  • To evolve services in a changing health care environment that meet one’s holistic needs.
  • Provide for full, open, and meaningful participation for the people who use our services.
  • To safeguard the client’s right to receive our services and maximize client choice.
  • To ensure that those most in need have access to care.