About The Founder

Bio Photo - ATF ~ Bruce Eddins, MA

I have strived to serve the community and empower individuals to take control of their existence. I have served the community for more than 25 years in various capacities in order to support the rich heritage of diversity while instilling the idea that we have choices and can create pathways to successful futures. My hope and goal is to help others help themselves and pass the torch to those who are waiting to lead.

I hold a Liberal Arts degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and a Master of Arts degree in Behavioral Science, concentration in Conflict Management and Negotiations.

I taught, supervised, managed, and directed 15-30 programs over the past 15 plus years for at-risk youth, youthful molesters (between the ages of 11-21), homeless youth, foster children, foster parents, community awareness programs, mentoring programs, HIV/AIDS prevention, mental health programs, court advocacy, drug addictions, counseling, and day treatment programs, to name some.

In the early 1990’s I was afforded the opportunity to work as the Los Angeles County Coordinator for the AIDS Prevention Team (APT) to conduced one of the first national HIV Behavioral Surveillance Assessments for the Los Angeles County on HIV/AIDS sexual practices of Men of Color. The target populations included: African American, Hispanic, Asian/Island Pacific, and Native American. The survey was conducted in 21 metropolitan cities throughout the United States. In Los Angeles, we surveyed over 6,000 individual men within Los Angeles County. This report was submitted to Washington DC National Task Force on HIV/AIDS during the Clinton Administration which paved the way to multi-millions of dollars of prevention education funds that was made available to communities of color back in 1994-95. I later became the Mental Health Director for the AIDS Prevention Team (APT) in Los Angeles, California where we serves over 5,000 men, women, children and families affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

I have received honors from Councilman Nate Holden, Senator Maxine Waters, and Honorable Yvonne Burke, for my community work, outreach, cultural affairs and program designs for minority communities in Los Angeles County.

When I moved to Las Vegas in 2008, I worked for several behavioral health agencies developing their intake departments, programs, policies and procedures, clinical designs, promotion/advertising, outreach, hiring clinical staff, client recruitment, community collaborations, supervision, quality assurance, and administration.  I’ve worked for the State of Nevada with the developmentally disabled and for Clark County as a Family Services Supervisor for the Department of Family Services, Child Protective Services in North Las Vegas. 

I am honored and humble with this opportunity to embraced all that I have learned, experienced and challenged into a well-rounded agency that will serve the community with the intent of providing excellent opportunities to wellness and self-sufficiency.

Bruce A. Eddins