Internship Program


It is the mission of the Horizon Ridge Clinic to prepare interning psychologists for ethical, competent and culturally sensitive practices in a multidisciplinary, community mental health setting. It is our goal for interns to complete our program with competence in assessment, evaluation, treatment of a community population from children to adults, and to be excellent models of professionalism in psychology. Further it is our goal that interns be capable of planning, implementing, and evaluating treatment as direct providers, supervisors, and consultants. It is our intent that the interning psychologist graduate from our program with a clear sense of self as a professional psychologist in a changing political and healthcare environment.


Each goal listed below is developed throughout the internship with specific objectives, requirements, and methods of evaluation to insure that the intern demonstrates accomplishment in each area on completion of the program.

Interns will leave our program with the following:

  1. Awareness of their own cultural biases and with demonstrated ability to function with sensitivity and competence with those of other cultures.

Requirements: Discussions in individual and group clinical supervision, documentation of diverse caseload, case presentation – demonstrating ability to integrate and conceptualize incorporating diversity variables.

  1. Professional competency in preparing integrated psychological testing reports, utilizing objective and projective measures, at a professional level of competence.

Requirements:  Individual clinical supervision, case presentations – demonstrating ability to select appropriate measures, the rationale for testing selection, the ability to integrate test data, completion of psychological testing batteries – incorporating objective and projective measures, and documentation of satisfactory evaluation by supervisory staff.

  1. Professional competency in assessment and diagnosis of clients in all diagnostic categories and of all ages.

Requirements: Completion of intake assessments and treatment plans, documentation of a varied caseload, documentation of satisfactory evaluation by supervisory staff, case presentations – demonstrating ability to assess and diagnose clients.

  1. Professional competency in developing, and executing a treatment plan utilizing research supported methods of treatment.

Requirements: Discussion in individual and group clinical supervision, review of treatment plan documentation, case presentation – demonstrating relevant literature supporting treatment approach, weekly documentation in group and individual psychotherapy, leadership or co-leadership of at least 1 adult and/or 1 child group during the year, documentation of satisfactory evaluation by supervisory staff.

  1. Professional competency in providing pragmatic consultation and research assistance to programs in a community mental health care setting.

Requirements: Development of a consultation project – with an internal department demonstrating consultation and research skills, seminar participation, presentation of consultation project process and results.

  1. Beginning competency in an area of specialization.

Requirements: Selection of at least 1 area of specialization and satisfactory completion of all requirements, documentation of satisfactory evaluation by supervisory staff, presentation to psychology staff and interns.

  1. Professional competency in providing supervision to others.

Requirements: Participation in supervision seminars and practicum in the provision of supervision to peers and other professionals.

  1. A clear sense of identity as an ethical and professional psychologist, knowledgeable of the current mental health milieu. 

Requirements: Participation in group professional development supervision, individual clinical supervision, seminar attendance, presentation of relevant articles at case staffing, presentation of dissertation or other research, preparation of theory of change papers, documentation of satisfactory evaluation by supervisory staff.