Horizon Ridge Clinic programs are key in providing intense and temporary mental health services to the community. The main objective of Horizon Ridge Clinic is to provide a wide range of quality mental health services to Medicaid recipients, Ryan White Part A, other insurance carriers, cash-paid clients and other low-income non-insured county residents through other funding sources. Horizon Ridge Clinic specialize in working with families, individuals and groups with mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorder using treatments tailor-made for the unique issues of the individual. Our comprehensive programs begin during the initial clinical assessment where our expert staff conducts a thorough evaluation for any potential co-occurring conditions, in order to create an accurate diagnosis so that each client gets the right treatment designed for their individual needs.

Our services will:

  • Protect the dignity and privacy of the individuals served.
  • Be within the financial reach of anyone in need.
  • Be empirically advised and clinically sound.
  • Respond to community diversity through culturally sensitive consumer focused care.
  • Target outcomes that satisfy the consumer and demonstrate program effectiveness.

Horizon Ridge Clinic Programs/Therapies



Therapeutic Groups

Counseling and Rehabilitative Services

Planning and Crisis Intervention