Counseling Services:

Horizon Ridge Clinic creates an effective individualized treatment approach designed completely for the individual client rehabilitation needs. We understand that people with problems more than likely developed some types of distorted views of what is happening in their world and this can create negative thought and action patterns that are detrimental and very difficult to break. By using a process called Facilitation Counseling, we address these issues from a cognitive or logical perspective, a developmental perspective and a sociological perspective. Our assessment draws out exactly what the individual client needs and compassionately addresses difficult issues, symptoms and other problematic areas that may have never been addressed in the past. We believe this level of compassion, empathy, honesty and patience is what creates our great results and lets our clients go on to lead sober, healthy lives after they leave. The client is assessed by medical professionals as well as therapists and works one on one with these professionals as well as other staff members to get a complete comprehensive picture.

Individual and Group therapeutic services will help you dissect a problem in order to solve it.
Therapeutic Groups

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP):  

Horizon Ridge Clinic has several intensive outpatient therapeutic groups to help those with mental and/or addiction issues. lOP can help prevent inpatient hospitalization by providing therapy to intervene before a crisis situation develop. IOP can also be a step-down to a less restrictive level of care after inpatient hospitalization. Therapy sessions are two-three days a week, two-three hours each sessions, for a total of four-six hours a week for appropriately 16 weeks based on the curriculum and therapeutic need. IOP is designed for individuals with substance abuse issues, and/or co-occurring disorder, both mental health and chemical dependency issues the intended goal is to address, and utilize approaches that uniquely meet the objectives that best fit the needs of the individual served. IOP is designed to reduce psychological dysfunction (e.g. interpersonal cognitive, behavioral development, etc.), substance abuse, and restore participants to their highest level of functioning. Client-centered treatment plans are designed based on the individual’s diagnosed condition(s) and/or on the standards of practice for provisions of mental health services to an individual with reasonable outcomes that are measurable based on the individual’s ability. The written plan must ensure that services are provided within the scope (therapeutic intent) of the services and would increase the likelihood that an individual’s disability would be reduced and functional level restored with the intended goal to eliminate substance abuse.

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