Horizon Ridge Wellness Clinic, Inc.

Wellness Clinic


Horizon Ridge Clinic also has a Wellness Clinic dedicated to the overall health and wellbeing of every patient – in association with their mental health therapy, possible medications, as well as any other medical disorders the patient may have. Horizon Ridge Clinic is passionate about the overall quality of health as well as life of every patient involved in any programs our facility provides – along with the environment and community they are apart of.

Our Mission

The Horizon Ridge Way

To ensure that those most in need have access to care.

To safeguard the client’s right to receive our services and maximize client choice.

Provide for full, open, and meaningful participation for the people who use our services.

To evolve services in a changing health care environment that meet one’s holistic needs.

To provide oversight and methods of accountability to insure that services are responsive to individuals needs and are delivered in accordance with best practice standards.

Foster the delivery of services that enable the developmentally disabled to achieve their potential for autonomous functioning and self-sufficiency.

Promote the highest quality of clinical, supportive and rehabilitative services so that individuals can safely and effectively work towards recovery.